In a recent interview with Native Mag, ‘the reliable pulse of the African millennial‘. Nigerian producer Sarz has revealed how he produced Longtime off Made in Lagos album by Nigerian musician Wizkid featuring English grime artist Skepta.

In his interview with Native Mag, Sarz shares the story of how he produced Longtime by Wizkid and Skepta while still tired

I remember making the song in LA, and I was so tired that day. Wiz and Skep, I feel like they’d been trying to work for a while, but they hadn’t hit the right vibe or something. I’ve experienced them in sessions before and I know, ok maybe nothing’s going to come out of it. So, on this day that they came into the studio, I had already blocked my mind from trying to do anything, but something kept telling me, “no just try, just try, see what happens.” So, I made the beat, I remember Skepta just kept listening to it for hours until he was ready to record. Once he recorded, we all knew it was banger, it’s just such a sick tune. So, I’m really glad that I psyched myself into making it because I was really tired, and I didn’t even want to do it. 

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