Find spiritual restoration and refreshing Praise & Worship music with Mike Abdul’s new album – Blessing Now: follow the path of light now!

Speaking on this latest production, the CEO of Spaghetti Records label: “The Power, the Glory, the Blessing is all innate but it won’t all manifest without a miracle. Victory is assured but you need to fight. It is in you, you’re the miracle you need. BLESSING NOW!”

Mike Abdul’s newest album, Blessing Now, has been released to bring spiritual restoration and refreshment through heart-lifting praise and worship music. Featuring uplifting lyrics and tracks to follow the path of light, get ready for an unforgettable spiritual experience.

Experience Restored Joy, Light & Love with Blessing Now!

The uplifting single “Blessing Now” will fill the heart with joy! Follow Mike Abdul’s lead to experience restored love and light, enjoy renewed faith and a newfound spiritual connection. With refreshing praise and worship songs as well as lyrical reflections on God’s Love and mercy, Blessing Now has what it takes to restore a life of joy and peace.

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