Talented Nigerian record producer and songwriter, Chisom Ezeh aka Rexxie, is the guest on the new episode of Chude Jideonwo’s podcast, #WithChude.

In this enlightening episode, the Grammy award-winning producer talks about how it all started, making ends meet for himself and his family, moving to Lagos, his time at YABATECH, and lots more.

See excerpts below:

When he realized that he wanted to make music:

The music started with the love in the church and all that but the production itself was for love too. I feel the point where my mom was not feeling too well and that period I was not getting much cash from home and I had to extra you know and music was the only thing sorting them funds then. I was like wow, this thing is actually a hustle. If I can do like this and do like this, so that’s where it started from.”

Head over to watch.withchude.com to watch the full interview

You can also listen to the full podcast on listen.withchude.com.

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