Nigerian singer, songwriter, and music producer Godson Ominibie Teddy Epelle who is professionally known as 1da Banton shares new EP “1Da Shall Never End”.

1da Banton’s new EP, ‘1Da Shall Never End’, is a collection of 6 tracks that showcase his unique sound and style. With a mix of afrobeat, hip-hop, and R&B, this EP is sure to be a hit.

1da Banton’s new EP, “1da Shall Never End,” is a reflection of his musical evolution. The EP is a mix of genres, from Afrobeat to Dancehall, and showcases 1da Banton’s unique sound.

The EP is a celebration of 1da Banton’s growth as an artist. He has been able to take his sound to the next level, creating a unique blend of genres that is both innovative and captivating. The EP features a range of sounds, from the upbeat and energetic “Nibolowa” to the more mellow and soulful “Call Jehova”

Each track is a reflection of 1da Banton’s musical evolution, as he has been able to take his sound in new directions.

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