Presh - You Matter (Artwork)

In a remarkable artistic evolution, the talented Nigerian-Canadian artist once known as Precious Onungwe has now embraced a new identity: Presh. As part of this exciting transition, the heartfelt and impactful song “You Matter” is set to be re-released under his new moniker, symbolizing a fresh chapter in his musical journey.

Originating from ElemeRivers StateNigeriaPresh‘s artistic essence beautifully blends his African heritage with the vibrant nuances of Canadian pop culture. “You Matter,” a song that originally debuted in 2020, holds even more resonance now as it finds new life under the artist’s new name.

Formerly known for his debut single “Champion,” released in 2019Presh has captivated hearts and proven his vocal artistry through various media platforms. His undeniable talent radiated on esteemed shows such as CTV News ReginaGlobal News Regina, and the Talk of the Town Access 7 show. Radio stations including CJTR 91.3Unity FM CanadaRhythm 93.7 NigeriaCBC Saskatoon, and CBC Regina morning radio embraced his music.

As Presh, the artist brings “You Matter” back into the limelight, infusing it with the renewed energy of his evolved identity. The song’s message remains profoundly relevant, inviting listeners to embrace self-love, self-worth, and self-awareness as instruments of positive change in a complex world. Accompanying the track is a visually evocative music video, accessible on Facebook and YouTube, enhancing the song’s emotional impact.

Presh‘s unwavering commitment to his craft extends to every facet of his musical expression, from production to art design to marketing. Recognizing the importance of assembling a skilled team, he ensures that his artistic vision resonates far and wide.

Join us in celebrating this pivotal moment as “You Matter” returns, freshly invigorated under the name Presh. As this empowering anthem gains new momentum, let its message echo across the globe, promoting self-love, empathy, and meaningful transformation.

Presh‘s music transcends mere entertainment; it embodies a call to action, a source of inspiration, and a catalyst for change. Let’s unite in spreading the message that “You Matter” and contribute to building a world steeped in compassion and self-empowerment.

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