khaid - emotions

Nigerian Afro-Trap artist Khaid shares a new EP dubbed “Emotions“.

Key Tracks from Emotions by NJO:

  1. Hold Me: Inspired by a day at the beach, Khaid crafted this song with a catchy melody that came to him while taking a walk. Initially unsure about it, a friend’s enthusiastic reaction during a phone call convinced him of its potential.
  2. No Time: This spiritual song was influenced by a hymn stuck in Khaid’s head. It features Catholic-style melodies and serves as a heartfelt piece that may resonate with those who relate to songs about heartbreak and love.
  3. Jolie: Khaid sought to create something special with “Jolie.” The song, produced by BMX, draws inspiration from older Nigerian artists, and its catchy nature stands out in the contemporary music landscape.
  4. People (Evil): In response to critiques about his lyrical depth, Khaid showcases his lyrical prowess in this track. It allows him to reflect on his experiences and origins, demonstrating his versatility in storytelling through music.
  5. Anabella: “Anabella” is a joyful follow-up to “Jolie.” Khaid made this song to have fun, and it reflects his light-hearted and creative approach to music. Interestingly, people often feel a personal connection when their name is mentioned in his songs, even if coincidentally.
  6. Listen to Emotions EP here.

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