Album: PJ Morton - "Cape Town to Cairo" feat. Asa, Ndabo Zulu, Made Kuti & Others

Grammy-winning American musician, singer, songwriter and record producer PJ Morton embarks on a musical odyssey across Africa with his latest album, “Cape Town to Cairo.” Collaborating with renowned artists from across the continent, Morton weaves a tapestry of soulful melodies and rhythmic grooves that celebrate the vibrant musical heritage of Africa.

The album features collaborations with some of Africa’s most celebrated musicians, including Asa, Fireboy DML, The Cavemen, and Mádé Kuti from Nigeria. Ndabo Zulu, Soweto Spiritual Singers. These collaborations showcase the diversity of African music, from Afrobeat to highlife to soul. Through these partnerships, Morton not only pays homage to African music but also fosters cultural exchange and understanding.

“I wanted to capture the emotions I felt while I was on the continent, so I made a promise that I wouldn’t write anything before I arrived in Africa, and I wouldn’t write anything after I left – I ended up recording all my vocals before I left too. It really was an experiment in trusting my instincts. I have the ability to overthink as many of us do, so I wanted to spark something that had real stakes. What ended up happening was that all of my raw thoughts and influences came out all at once… Cape Town to Cairo is the diaspora in music form, done my way.” – PJ Morton says

Morton’s “Cape Town to Cairo” is not just an album but a testament to the power of music to connect people across cultures. It is a reminder of the rich musical heritage of Africa and its influence on global music. As Morton continues his musical journey, he will undoubtedly continue to inspire and collaborate with artists from around the world, leaving a lasting legacy in the annals of music history.

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