Soundz x FAVE team up to bring you the ultimate summer bop, ‘Fever’. Get ready to dance and sing along to this upbeat, catchy track that will have you feeling the heat all summer long!

Soundz reflects on the moment of excitement when Fave first heard the song, stating, “Her genuine enthusiasm upon listening to the record was a magical moment. It confirmed that we had created something truly special together.” The synergy between Soundz and Fave during the creation of “Fever” is evident in the final product.

Fever” explores the intense longing to be with a desired romantic partner, vividly depicting the emptiness experienced when separated from them. Soundz shares, “It’s an awkward feeling, and it may not be reciprocated, but it’s a sentiment I wanted to express nonetheless. I described how everything felt brighter when I was in their presence, and Fave’s verse added clarity to the message.”

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