On Deck & On Fire- With Dope Caesar, You’re Guaranteed a Party Like No Other

‘On Deck & On Fire’ is a new series that aims to shine a well-deserved spotlight on the talented DJs who are the heartbeat of every unforgettable party. They bring infectious energy, setting the perfect vibe and ensuring every event is a resounding success with a dancing and euphoric crowd. Despite their crucial role in making every event enjoyable, they might not always receive the credit they deserve.

Yesterday, we had a conversation with the dynamic duo Wanni and Handi Danbaki a.k.a Wanni x Handi. Did you miss it? Read it here.

If you’ve ever experienced a party with Dope Caesar as the DJ, you can vouch for the fact that there’s no one quite like Dope Caesar. Now, let’s catch up with the coolest DJ around!

What sparked your love for DJing, and who were your early inspirations that shaped your musical journey?

Honestly, watching exceptional, world-class DJs do their thing made me appreciate and fall in love with it. I discovered that DJing is not just about playing music; it opened my eyes to the art of it all. Realizing that you can infuse emotions into existing music by tweaking little things here and there to express yourself. My musical inspirations have evolved at every stage of my journey.

In my early years, I was subconsciously influenced by the music my parents were listening to. My dad, mom, and uncle enjoyed different kinds of music: reggae, dancehall, blues, you name it. As I grew up and found my taste, I fell in love with pop music. I even went through a period in my life where I was obsessed with boy bands like NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, Westlife, etc. All these different eras allowed me to truly appreciate diverse types of music.

Take us through a day in your life as a DJ, from morning routines to work commitments. How do you manage to maintain creativity amidst your busy schedule?

First things first, I start my day with my laptop; some days I feel lazy, and some days I’m not. Then I’d probably check out new songs on the charts, download the ones that appeal to me, and listen to them—truly immersing myself in the music beyond how a regular music consumer might. In terms of creativity, it honestly just comes to me. The ideas flow naturally, no matter how long the set I’m playing is. There’s a lot of trial and error involved. When I think of an idea, in the process of trying it out, I identify the constraints and figure out how to make it musical. That’s what guides me—making my transitions as musical as possible. #WATCHTHEMIX

Nigeria’s music scene is rich and diverse. How do you infuse local flavours into your DJ sets while keeping your performances appealing to a broader international audience?

My dad always used to tell me, ‘All music and sound are gotten from somewhere.’ He would say things like, “Afrobeats is heavily influenced by Caribbean, dancehall, Jazz, and ragga music, but with African percussion.” As a result, I grew up with the mentality that sounds evolve and music is just a blend of different cultures.

You take something from this culture and infuse it with another thing from another region, which ends up complementing each other. It’s easy for me because I naturally appreciate everybody’s culture, efforts, and interpretation of music. If you can tune your spirit into feeling other people’s music, it will open that frequency of creativity.

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