Ayra Starr teams up with GIVĒON on the soulful ballad “Last Heartbreak Song”, from her sophomore album The Year I Turned 21. The melancholic track tackles a failing relationship in which the Nigerian singer-songwriter is coming to terms with the fact that her whirlwind romance has now turned one-sided. Even though the realisation is heartbreaking, Starr knows she’s better on her own, despite GIVĒON’s pleas to make their relationship work. “GIVĒON’s verse made me cry the first time I heard it, I was so happy,” she tells Apple Music. “He came with the most perfect perspective, because if anybody that has been in an argument with a man, or any man that’s been arguing with a girl, would know [that] ‘Last Heartbreak Song’ is literally the dynamic.” Listen to “Last Heartbreak Song” on R&B Now and add the playlist to your library to stay up on the latest and greatest of the genre.

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